Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the age restrictions for the Village?

The site is open to all young people who are 16 years of age and over. The person booking the tent / caravan plot must be 18 years of age or over.

Entertainment Arena
To gain entry into the arena you must be 16 years of age or over, by the date of the event. Challenge 25 operates and ID will be requested.

  • What is the Village Wristband?

The village wristband allows access to the campsite and will be required by everyone staying on the site.  It also allows those staying on site, access into the entertainment arena.

  • Why have the prices changed this year?

After listening to feedback, Wales YFC have reviewed the prices for customers visiting the Young People’s Village in a bid to make the pricing structure fairer to all those visiting our site.

  • Do we have to purchase the Village Wristband even if we do not want to go into the entertainment?

A village wristband is required to access the campsite, so if you are intending on staying on site a village wristband is what you will require.  It also allows access to the Entertainment arena. All food and drink outlets will be accommodated within the entertainment arena this year. 

  • Why have the entertainment and the camping wristbands been amalgamated this year?

Feedback also noted that customers staying on site wanted to be able to access the arena as part of their booking.

All food and drink outlets will be accommodated in the entertainment arena this year. 

  • Why has the layout changed?

The layout of the village has changed this year in order to accommodate more camping plots for those wishing to stay with us after selling out in 2018.

  • Are any wristbands included with the Caravan or Tent?

No, there are no wristbands included with caravans and tents this year, as every customer’s requirements are different.  This year every camper is required to purchase a village wristband, along with either a tent plot or caravan.  There is no limit to the numbers of campers.

  • Why are the prices more expensive than last year?

A village wristband for a YFC member costs just £16.00 per night, which includes access to two big tops, along with our campsites.  The prices are not more expensive, just structured in a way that is fairer to all of our customers.

  • When does the Village open & close?

The village opens from midday on Saturday 20th July and gates close at 5pm on Thursday 25th July.
The Entertainment Arena is open over four evenings (Sunday – Wednesday) between 2pm and 2am

  • What ID do you accept?

Passports, Driving Licences or Validate UK or cards. No photocopies will be accepted.

  • Are there any charging stations for phones?

Yes there are phone charging facilities for phones.

  • Are we allowed to play music during the day?

You are allowed to play music but we ask that you respect your neighbours.

  • Can we purchase Entertainment tickets from the YFC Centre located on the Royal Welsh Showground?

Yes you can.

  • Do we receive the tickets for Young People’s Village at the site or do they get sent to our home beforehand?

You collect all wristbands on arrival at the 24 hour Village Office. Remember you will need ID with you in order to collect your wristbands.

  • Can I get a plot next to my friends?

Arrive with your friends if you want to get a plot next to each other, 1st come 1st served.